Leadertech-New Product News

We are very excited to announce that we are expanding our Leadertech product offerings to now include enclosure shielding gaskets, circuit board shielding solutions and EMI enclosure shielding.  These new products are in addition to the Leadertech FerriShield cable shielding products we already offer.

 The enclosure shielding gaskets include fabric gaskets, Copper Beryllium fingerstock, conductive elastomers and conductive foam shielding material in many shapes and sizes to suit your every requirement.

 The circuit board shielding products provide many off-the-shelf solutions to suit any board layout including low profile solutions, surface mount and through-hole configurations.

 We can assist with your designs and prototypes offering applications support.  For your custom product designs we can also assist with 3D modeling to help you achieve the most effective and lowest cost solution to your shielding problems.

 Most products are available for shipment within a week of placing your order.