Elna Machining Updates

In our continuing effort to provide you with custom magnetic cores in the timeframe you require and at a competitive cost, we continue to add equipment to our manufacturing area.

* The addition of an E-core Through-feed Grinder enables us to provide competitive pricing on large (1,000-plus) E-core gapping requirements as well as lead times as short as one calendar week.

* A new Vertical Spindle Grinder increases our capacity. We now have five of these machines allowing us to process orders in less time.

* The upcoming addition of two new Surface Grinders is part of our continuing effort to ensure our customers have the benefit of the latest technology to meet their exacting requirements at a competitive price.

Our gapping lead times are currently one week or less for most orders.

Our custom machining lead times are currently two to three weeks for most orders.

If you give us an opportunity to quote your requirements you’ll find that our prices are more competitive than ever, our lead times are quite short, and the product you receive will meet your every requirement.