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  • EPCOS logo website


    EPCOS, a German-based corporation with ferrite manufacturing facilities in the Czech Republic and India manufactures a wide array of ferrite cores offering an extensive selection of core geometries. In addition EPCOS offers a wide variety of core accessories including bobbins, clips, clamps, adjusters and terminal...

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  • fair-rite_products

    Fair-Rite Products

    Fair-Rite Products Corporation, founded in 1952, began ferrite production in 1953. Over the years the product line has developed into an extensive array of shapes and materials. Today, Fair-Rite Products is one of the world’s leaders in the development and manufacture of soft ferrite products....

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  • ferroxcube


    Ferroxcube, a principal supplier of ferrite components, has manufacturing operations in many countries. Their ferrite components and accessories are used in an array of applications including computing, telecommunications, lighting, automotive and consumer products. Manganese-zinc cores are made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes...

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  • Hitachi

    Hitachi Metals

    Hitachi Metals developed the first nanocrystalline soft magnetic material in the world, named “FINEMET®”. “FINEMET®” has high saturation flux density and high permeability. It also has stable temperature characteristics. “FINEMET®” provides excellent performance in electromagnetic noise suppression and contributes to energy saving. It will allow...

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  • Leadertech Logo website


    Leadertech is a world-leader innovator and US Manufacturer of EMI shielding products for circuit boards, electronic enclosures and interconnect cables.  In addition to FerriShield ferrites we now also stock Leadertech circuit board shields, finger stock EMI gaskets, conductive elastomers, oriented wire gaskets, wire mesh gaskets,...

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  • new_magnetics_logo


    Founded in 1949,  Magnetics is a leading world supplier of precision soft magnetic components and materials including: MPP, High Flux, Kool Mu ®, X Flux ®, Amoflux ®, power ferrites, high permeability ferrites and strip wound cores. Elna Magnetics now stocks an extensive inventory of Magnetics Inc. products....

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  • metglas185x40 website


    Metglas Inc. manufactures five different types of high frequency magnetic cores with Metglas® amorphous metal alloy ribbon.  They are Magnaperm®, Powerlite®, Magamps®, Microlite™ and Microlite XP™.  These cores utilize the unique characteristics of Metglas amorphous alloys and are used in a wide variety of applications....

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  • MM Logo website


    Micrometals Inc., established in 1951, is committed to supplying high quality iron powder cores to meet the needs of the electronics industry. As the technology has changed, new shapes, sizes and materials have been introduced to become industry standards. Iron powder has been used as...

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  • MMG India Thumb

    MMG India Pvt Ltd

    MMG, founded in 1954, and now part of Delta Magnets Group, manufactures an excellent selection of nickel zinc and manganese zinc ferrites for suppression and power applications in a variety of core shapes. MMG India Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company, providing the...

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  • tsclogo02 website

    TSC Ferrite International

    TSC FERRITE International was established in 1985 as a division of Tempel Steel Company and was purchased by Tempel Smith in 1990. TSC Ferrite International purchased the assets of AVX/TPC Thomson, Beaune France in 2004. TSC Ferrite International produces MnZn and NiZn soft ferrites, which...

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